Imran Tahir and the Proteas

Imran sat out the entire 5 match one-day series against India. Why? Various reasons have been offered from using him as a secret weapon to unsuitable pitches to having too long a tail. I mean Puhlease!

India played several part-time spinners in the series regardless of the pitch. They exposed their part-timers to the pressures of playing a top team. Long tail? It’s not the job of the tail to win matches for us. It’s the job of the front-line batsmen.

It’s as if we are addicted to pace and do not trust ourselves with spin. All our spinners are containers except for Tahir who is a true wicket-taking spinner. Entrust the scoring duties to your batsmen and the wicket-taking duties to your bowlers. We have always looked to our all-rounders to somehow bridge the gap between our batsmen and our bowlers should the top order batsmen fail. Quit looking for or trying to develop all-rounders at all costs. That era is over. Specialise and nurture batting and bowling talent as separate skills.

So, my World cup team is:
*Smith (spin if needed)
*De Villiers
*Kallis (4th seamer)
*Van Wyk
*Duminy (spin if needed)
*Faf (legbreak if needed)

And good luck to the squad. Maybe the pressure is off this time and we can quietly sneak into the final and win it!